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Fat-Burning Basics

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Whenever we lose weight, it’s not just fat that burns away. It’s also water, and muscle. The basal metabolic rate is the rate at which the body burns energy when it is at rest. This is the reason why exercise is so important, not only does exercise build muscle and burn fat, but it increases the metabolism to make fat burn faster and more easily on a normal basis.


That being said, the best way to lose weight is by allowing the muscle to burn fat. The more muscle one has, the more calories the person will burn naturally. Conversely, high body fat and less muscle will decrease the calorie burn factor, and increase the impact of intake. This is the challenge individuals with obesity face. The metabolic rate is based on our body weight and level of activity. Therefore, just cutting calories is not enough; individuals with obesity tend to lead a sedentary lifestyle, so that their calorie intake has a more impactful affect, because their bodies will gain all of the calories consumed and will burn very few naturally. This is why individuals with obesity need not overeat to maintain or gain weight.


Working out will definitely kickstart weight loss in a big way if it happens consistently. It does not take long to get the metabolism up, and the difference is noticeable almost immediately. This is why we see people on TV with Obesity, such as on “The Biggest Loser” losing profound amounts of weight in such short periods of time. When we stop working out, however, the metabolic rate will drop back to its resting rate, which can create a rebound effect. Burning fat too quickly can also cause this effect, so pace yourself!. The majority of individuals who diet will gain the weight back; but a little effort and consistency will keep it off for good.


It is also important to include high-protein foods in the diet, especially when including high-impact exercise. The muscles will need protein to burn fat efficiently; they will also need it to stayhealthy. The great thing about high-protein foods is that they tend to be filling, so that one can consume protein throughout the day without overloading on calories.


Many nutritionists say that reducing fats, especially saturated fats, is as important as watching calories. It is a good idea to avoid foods that come in boxes or bags; so that we avoid snacking on crackers, chips, bread, etc. These foods are filled with calories and fat, but offering little nutrition.


Individuals with obesity should be under the care of a practitioner when serious weight loss is the goal, due to the way the body burns fat. Muscle burns fat away when the body is using its extra stores for energy. This is what happens when we expend more energy than we take in. The fat is then filtered through the liver. Individuals losing a lot of fat in a short amount of time can be at risk for developing fatty liver disease. For this reason individuals with obesity will want to involve a physician in their weight loss plan.

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