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Four Powerful Weight Loss Tips

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Fight Fat with Fat

There are two kinds of fat in the body; white fat and brown fat. Up to 80 percent of adults have brown fat deposits in their bodies,” says Aaron M. Cypess, MD, PhD, an assistant professor of medicine at the Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School. While the
white fat is what we want to burn off, the brown fat actually is chock full of mitochondria. Mitochondria give energy to the cells in the form of heat, and when activated, just 2 ounces of brown fat can eliminate as much as 20 percent of the body’s calories. Exercise is the best way to activate these cells. Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute conducted a study, in which scientists found that exercise releases a Irisin, a hormone which converts white fat to brown. The more frequently a person a exercises, the faster more effectively their body will burn fat.


Stand Your Ground

People-pleasing behavior can be counter-productive to weight loss. How? Dinner, drinks, and desserts in social situations helps us to fit in with the crowd, and is also an easy way to throw your diet out the window. Sociologists believe that women indulge in people-
pleasing behavior more than men do, because women are socialized to be nice, whereas men are socialized to be assertive. If you can’t assert yourself and avoid that piece of pie, try spending time with people who support the healthy habits. A workout-dieting buddy might be just what the doctor ordered.


Take Your Time

Did you know it can take 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal of satiation from the stomach? Think about this: how many times have you consumed large amounts of food in a short period of time only to find that you are uncomfortably full? This is the result of the
signals catching up with your brain. Suddenly, you may realize you’ve overindulged. Most of us will consume more than our body needs in 20 minutes. Chewing also assists with digestion by initiating the process and therefore signaling the brain, therefore, chew your food slowly. Another suggestion is cutting bites into smaller pieces to give yourself the illusion of more, while
taking longer cutting, and chewing, every bite. Controlling portion sizes in general can make a big difference. After you are finished with one portion, wait a few minutes before loading up on seconds – or go find something to do to preoccupy your mind, and you might find the desire to eat more will dissipate.


Control Impulses

Not only can social situations reduce willpower, but for some, rich foods, especially those containing chocolate, are particularly difficult to resist. It turns out that sugars can have significant effects on our brain. Treats trigger dopamine and positive emotional responses, which can be much like a drug for some people. The irony is, that exercise can have a similar effect, it’s just that treats are much easier to turn to. The way to combat this problem is twofold:

A) eat healthy sugars throughout the day, such as light or non fat yogurt, and fresh fruits.
Consuming healthy sugars throughout the day will help stave off the cravings for those candies
and baked goods, making it easier to just say no, and

B) Change your thinking. Instead of ruminating about how great a donut will taste, for example, think about how much slimmer and
healthier you will be, not having it. You will also feel good avoiding the guilt that comes with
indulging. The more you practice these alternatives, the easier it will become.
By: Kelli Hastings, B.A.,

Health and Safety Specialist


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