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Four More Powerful Weight Loss Tips

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Enjoy Nature

According to Fitness magazine, a North Carolina study showed that people living in more natural areas, near mountains and lakes, tended to be in better shape. One theory is that these areas are more peaceful and that the serene environment leads to higher levels of dopamine in the brain, as well as creates more motivation to get exercise in the form of walking, jogging, or bike-riding. Studies have also found that individuals tend to keep their energy up for longer periods of time walking outside than on a treadmill.


Keep it Movin’

We know that a sedentary lifestyle makes weight loss difficult, but it may be worse than you think. Sitting or lying around for long periods of times weakens and atrophies muscles, and additionally, makes it easier to absorb calories. When the muscles are used to be active, the metabolism is more efficient. Any movement throughout the day is important, as long as you are standing for some periods. Just walking around throughout the day will help keep cells activated so that calories are less likely to stick. Those that do, will also come off easier.


No Splurging Allowed

The psyche plays an amazing role with regard to healthful habits. You might think that making healthy choices leads to more to healthy choices. This is not always the case. Most people have a tendency to want to balance things out, says Kathleen Vohs, PhD, an associate
professor of marketing at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. According to Fitness, scientists have uncovered a phenomenon they call “licensing”, in which we tend to reward ourselves with indulgences instead of continuing on the path to healthy habits. This means that eating a salad, or doing one or several healthy things may just lead to indulging
later on, because we may feel that we have earned it. This can result in a rebound effect, produces a setback, making it difficult to achieve one’s goals. Think of this way: is it really a reward when you must work out that much harder to burn off those calories? Or what about shirking your exercise routine entirely? It’s not that taking a day off isn’t okay, but if we want to achieve our goals, even one day of splurging can be our undoing. We must be very dedicated to our attempts and not give ourselves license, which ultimately can result in disappointment if weight-loss is the goal.


Get your Vitamin D

According to Fitness, a study at the University of Minnesota found that individuals on an exercise or dietary regimen lost more weight on average than those with insufficient levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is absorbed by the sun, and is pretty hard to get in foods; so taking
a dietary supplement of 1-2,000 IU’s should do the trick. One could surmise that if this is the case, it is probably also beneficial to be taking a multi vitamin as well, to make sure you are getting everything else the body needs.


By: Kelli Hastings
B.A. in Sociology, Health and Safety Specialist


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